Snowed In Wednesday 
Thursday, December 10, 2009, 13:15 - General, Christina, Doctor
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So I ask for snow, get snow, and then the company that plows doesn't show until after noon. The snow is pretty and I am glad we will have a white Christmas.

The wind blew so much that the snow was up to the window on one side of the car and up to the door on the other. I shoveled around the car to get out in the morning, but couldn't make it down the rest of the drive. They didn't plow the street very early either. Half the neighborhood was stuck either in their drive or the street.

It was nice to see Christina for extra time in the morning. I went out to shovel more and try to get the car further out several times. Mother nature found amusement in filling everything in with blowing snow.

After work Christina and I had supper and played and walked and sang. We argued about sitting in the high chair again. Angela went shopping and did homework.

I ran out of weather checking sticks, called Angela with no answer, sent a text with no reply. So I called the neighbor to watch Christina(she was sleeping) while I ran to the store. Angela came home in the mean time and freaked out 'cuz the car was gone. She walked in and saw Ed and was a little relieved. I came home just seconds after her. It took quite awhile for Angela to calm down.

Christina is down for her quiet time today, no lunch again. she threw a fit. Time to check the weather.

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