End of November 
Monday, November 30, 2009, 22:24 - General, Christina, Doctor
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Today brings the end of November. The temperature has dropped and still no snow. I am starting to wonder if I will get a white Christmas.

Christina has a good day at school. Her and mommy butted heads today, but it didn't last long. Christina and I had our normal routine of talk time(she tells me about her day), dinner, play, and our walk outside. I bundled her up in her snow suit and boots and she laughed and giggled all the while outside. She really enjoys the colder temps outside. And she likes the walks in the dark.

Bedtime went overly well. The princess was tired, no nap today. She smiled when I put her to bed with no tears or talking.

We also turned on Skype and said "Goodnight" to mommy. Angela was doing homework and it was nice for Christina to be able to see her and say goodnight.

This evening I am thinking about old times. Gives me a little smile.

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