School update 
Thursday, July 09, 2009, 01:25 -
Posted by Administrator
We had a meeting this morning with Mary and Laurie from the school and the transition is starting. Mary will be Christina's teacher and Laurie will be working with her for speech.  Derek and I are very happy with the people that we have working with her.  They are a great team just like her therapists that we had and still have until school starts.

She has been going to a UCP play group and that has gone super well. On Tuesday it was the fourth week and there was crying and she worked for the volunteers. SUPER !!!! Katy, her PT, came to show them some ideas to do with her. Thanks so much Katy.  Everyone at this group is just great with her.  This coming week Mary and Laurie are going to go and see how she is doing and chat. I am very happy with how things are changing over.

Christina is getting so big we have to buy  her very first backpack for school. I can't believe that she needs a backpack already.

Last night Christina had an upset belly and we cuddled for an hour and half while I rubbed her belly, I guess I made it feel better because she fell asleep. That and she had a real long busy day too.

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