Neurology and new stuff 
Saturday, April 04, 2009, 20:05 -
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Well the trip went very well. Christina was quiet all the way to the doctor. Not so much on the way home but she was hungry and tired and that would make anyone cranky.

So the neurology news................. We do not need to see him for a year!!!!! He said that there is nothing neurological going on everything that is going on at home is typical two and three year old stuff. HEE! HEEE! Got to love the ages two and three. He also stated again that he is really impressed with the progress in Christina's development. He said that he did not think that she would have made it this far. She is amazing. Also he said that she is a very smart girl but we all ready knew all lot those things.

Christina is doing well with Deb but only when mommy is gone. Christina seems to scream when mommy is around because that is who she wants. She is going through a mommy stage. It is getting better.

She is working more on crawling and doing very well with it.

We had the transition meeting with Tammy and the school teacher we think that she will do just fine.This is the next stage of development for her. So I think that we are feeling better about the whole thing. School will start in September. We are all going to tour the classroom on the 30th of April to get a better idea of the classroom environment.

Things are moving along very well.

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