Over with the Cities !!!! 
Thursday, November 20, 2008, 05:04 -
Posted by Administrator
We all made it in one piece. The trip on Friday and the trip on Tuesday are officially over and we made it. Boy it was a long week thank goodness it is over. We have one more appointment in December and then January and I should have a long break... Doctor appointment free for a while unless something comes up.

I of course did not like the trip either time and I let mom and dad know about it. So I got my AFO's and they are very cute. Thank daddy for picking such a great pattern to go on them. I already got compliments. I do find that it is hard to walk in the AFO's but mommy will get me doing it in no time.

Today mommy and I went to Walmart and got a ham for dinner and guess what? I liked the car ride. HA HA We also got peanut butter chips so we can make peanut butter brownies tomorrow. I like to help and of course eat the brownie batter. Who doesn't ?

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