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Monday, October 06, 2008, 05:12 -
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Mommy had surgery on her wrist and has not been able to help me update everyone.  I went and had my botox on the 30 of September and it went very well. Dr. Tanaguchi let me lay on mommies tummy so I was pretty happy about that. Then they gave me laughing gas to help with the pain of the needles. They also put a numbing cream on my legs before the shots and then wrapped them in cling wrap for a half hour before the shots. I got to take my mask home that they used for the laughing gas. I like to play with that now.

After all of the excitement this morning daddy and I went swimming while mommy got us lunch. Then after lunch mommy came down to the pool with us. I liked to get back into the pool. Mommy can not take me because of surgery and then before that the pool was closed.

My neurology appointment was the next day and that went real well too. Dr. Burnstien was very impressed with everything that I am doing. He told mommy and daddy that he never thought that I would be able make such great strides. We go back in 6 months.

I did not like the car ride at all to the cities or back. Mommy and daddy hope that I get over the car issues, it is no fun for anyone.

I am getting my two year molars. They are kind if painful but after this I will have all of my teeth. YEAH!

I am doing a lot of walking and crawling around the house with help. I like to be moving around and grabbing things. On Friday I was helping mommy with her home work. The computer is pretty fun. I also went to Walmart with mommy, Cole and Crystal. We had fun shopping. Mommy pushed the cart with me and Cole in it. It was real fun zooming around the store.

Today I showed mommy how I can hug my bunny rabbit. She was so proud of me. I also showed off all of the body parts that I know... nose, ear, mouth, eyes, hand, and foot.

Jenny my original OT came back from maternity leave. It is nice to have her back. Mommy and Jenny did some scoring to find out where I am for my fine motor skills. Jenny says between 12-15 months.  That is real good!!!

Speech therapy tested me too and Melissa (ST) says that my cognitive skills are about 24 months and that is where I am suppose to be, my expressive language is about 12-15 months. So that means I know what is going on and I understand what is said to me I just can not speak back or say what I want all the time. I am working real hard though.

So all is very well here. Oh yeah, I am going to be a bat (bat girl) for Halloween.

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