Monday, May 05, 2008, 04:43 -
Posted by Administrator
We made it home. After keeping everyone up, the only definite diagnosis is that I have the cutest hair.

My lungs sound clear in front and back. My heart sounds good. My oxygen levels are great. I got my chest x-rayed twice and that looked good except for a little area that kinda looked like it could be a bronchial infection. Except, I don't have any other symptoms.

The doctor on-call at the hospital called the on-call Neurologist at the Noran Clinic. No worries, Mommy is supposed to call Dr. Burnstein Monday morning.

I was very well behaved too. I only slept a little Saturday night and was up right away Sunday morning. And, I was in a good mood. We played and sang on the hospital bed. I made a mess with my breakfast, there were pancakes all over. I met a cool nurse, Mommy and Daddy liked talking to her. She has a special needs son. I got to learn about him and ideas for giving mom and dad a workout.

Time for bed.

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