Doc Aru 
Saturday, November 03, 2007, 05:32 -
Posted by Administrator
Hi everyone - todays doctor appointment went pretty well. Doc Aru said that Mom and Dad are doing everything that they can for me to gain weight the next thing would be to place a G tube and we do not want that.  Guess what I did gain a little. Doc Aru wants me to come back and have a contrast study done on my intestines to make sure that I have no strictures in there due to my surgery and having NEC. I sure hope that everything is fine because I don't want to have surgery again.
The car ride was okay, my new car seat made it a little better also the ativan helped too. My tooth is bothering me it seems to be right there ready to pop out then it seems to move back up into the gums. So it is sore, I sure wish it would just come out so I can use it. Well goodnight everyone.
Here are some Halloween picts..... 

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