Busy, busy... 
Saturday, September 01, 2007, 17:22 -
Posted by Administrator
Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. So things have been very busy around here. Mom started school, between me and that there really is no time. She is making me work hard still nothing new there. The gait trainer is gone for now but I still walk without it. I walk to daddy for bath time. I don;t like it too much but mom and dad still make me do it. Grandma Kar saw me walk and I made her cry- they were happy tears- I move my own legs and mommy holds me up and makes sure my butt isn't sticking out.  
I go to see the neurologist on this coming Friday. That should be a trip. I hope that he has some good news for mom, dad, and me.

I am growing so much all of my t-shirts are getting a little snug on me. Oh no looks like we might have to go shopping. Daddy..........

Bye for now
Lots of love

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