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Monday, July 16, 2007, 17:24 -
Posted by Administrator
Hey guess what everyone? I got my second tooth yesterday. It finally came threw so it feels much better.  My shots went pretty well no major side effects just a little tired. Mom went and got me a sippy cup I tried it yesterday. Its kind of tricky but I think that I'll get the hang of it. I also got my very own plate of mashed potatoes. I sure made a mess, it was fun. I threw my plate at grandma Kar and scared everyone. Grandma gave it back ti me.  Mom got me a cool giraffe toy that balls go around and around then I have to find where they went. 
Saturday mom, dad and I went to great grandmas for a while to hang out. I was tired and fell asleep. I also had French toast for breakfast. It was yummy.  New pictures of all my first will follow soon.
Love Christina

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