Christina's Attitude 
Monday, April 01, 2013, 21:08 - General
Christina has been pushing everyone's buttons to check the limits. Pretty typical for a six year old, but not any fun for those getting pushed.

Christina enjoyed spring break and is glad to be back to school.

Speech at the university is going well. And swim therapy starts back up this week. The pool was down for maintenance so no swim therapy for a few weeks. I am sure Christina will be glad for that to start again.

Young Athletes has been fun. Christina has worked/played with a couple different volunteers. She gives them some grief, but I have caught her smiling on more than one occasion. When interrogated afterwards she admits to having a good time. I am unsure if it is the activities she enjoys or if making the volunteers work so hard is her true enjoyment.

The slideshow this week has some older shots along with pictures from speech, Young Athletes, and play time at home. And of course one of Christina and her Easter basket.


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