Eye Doc 
Friday, November 18, 2011, 21:57
Activities definately do not slow down when school starts. Let's see where to start.

Christina is continuing speech therapy through the UW system. The student this semester is Evan and Christina really likes interacting with him. They play music, read, play board games. I am pleased watching Evan's methods of therapy.

Christina was sick and had an ear infection. All better now after a round of antibiotics and some mellow days.

As the days have gotten shorter and cooler we have shortened our wagon rides. With daylight savings ending and it getting so dark so early I was leary how Christina would do. I told Christina it was dark out and cold. She clued me in that she wanted to go anyway. After some disagreement on how warm of a jacket and hat to wear we headed on our walk. Christina is a HUGE fan of the dark walks. With a smile for the whole walk, Christina was super giggly when we got back. She has her flashlight that she carries and helps to light the way.

Christina recently had an appointment with the eye doctor. Again, it is very difficult to tell what the princess can see. The eye doctor thinks it will help the right eye to patch Christina's left eye. We found some eye patches and we play pirates. Arrh.

I have been doing well keeping up on pictures of the princess. Enjoy, the slideshow will be very close to current.


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